Elevate: Level Up And Climb Your Mountain

Elevate is for you if you are ready to get your life in order, so you can glide almost effortlessly to more success in your work, more trust in yourself and more joy in your everyday.

It's all well and good having goals and targets to hit in business but if your home life is hella hectic, all the planning, targets and deadlines go out of the window.  Or even worse, you stay up late, cancel plans and tell your kids "Sorry, I'm working" - again!

You often feel guilty for working when you said you wouldn't, overwhelmed by how much you seem to be doing without much to show for it and so close to burn out that you fantasise about running off for a 3 weeks long vacation and checking out of your business, your life and all responsibilities than ensue.

You know how I know all of this?  In 2018, I had finally burnt out, I hated my business, how long I was working for very little return.  I hated letting my kids down and working til 1am.  I was tired of the constant headaches from stress and working ALL the time.  I was depressed, had anxiety and I had no idea how to get out of this pit i'd found myself in.

I focused on self development and got really into positive psychology and neuroscience (how the brain works!) and climbed out of that pit.  I retrained as a mindset coach 2 years later and I'm now accredited with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and I make 4x what I made in my previous business in half the time.  I choose not to work weekends, or evenings.  I am able to fully switch off from work and my health has improved tenfold too!

I'm that confident in what I know and what I have been teaching in live groups and 1:1 that I have developed this course so you can learn the BEST bits of what I know, in MUCH LESS time than it took me - and without all the trial and error! 

If you are wanting to uplevel your life, get your shit in order and be more successful all round, buy this course!

Much love,

Sarah xx

10 Modules

Elevate Introduction!

A quick introduction to Elevate, the course creator (That's Me! 👋) and how to get started!

Laying The Foundations!

Laying the foundations and getting you off to a good start! 

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to module 1, there will be 4 parts to this module that will make up our holistic fundamentals module and this is your quick start guide to get the most from the holistic fundamentals; Sleep, Eat, Move & Repeat.

Sleep - The Holistic Fundamentals - Part One Of Four

Part one of The Holistic Fundamentals is all about sleep.  

Eat - The Holistic Fundamentals - Part Two Of Four

Part Two - Eat - is all about what we are choosing (or not choosing) to put into our bodies.

When we are more mindful of what goes into our bodies we can level up with our energy, our mood and how our bodies feel! 

Let’s dive in!

Move - The Holistic Fundamentals - Part Three Of Four

We are going to be looking at moving our bodies to release energy, find focus and get those creative juices flowing!

Getting Intentional - Module Two

Love, Freedom and Fun - Module Three

Please check back later, this video is having technical issues.


Boss Boundaries - Module Four

Modules for this product 10
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